Adventure golf – how to play, what are the rules?

Adventure golf is a relatively new type of golf sport, which came to us from North America and has recently become very popular especially as a family activity. Its character represents a kind of intermediate level between miniature golf and classic golf, combining the advantages of both sports. It is a smaller version of classic golf with for recreational purposes, but with the development and improvement of playing conditions it has (similarly to minigolf) transformed into a scheme of professional tournaments.

The main goal of adventure golf is fun, which is intended for the whole family. A great advantage is especially the playing area, which is always built in a specific concept of placing the courses in beautiful nature, while the spaces between the courses are shaped into a pleasant park-like appearance.

Adventure golf courses

Compared to a regular golf course, the adventure golf course is much smaller and more akin to a miniature golf course in character. In contrast, however, the individual holes are built in the form of a miniature fairway with a surface of artificial golf turf, which can be easily accessed.

Similarly, the obstacles copy the classic golf course (sand or water barriers, irregular shape of the ideal ball path and terrain irregularities, or different height levels, etc.).

The individual courses always have their own holes and are bordered by stone forecourts, so you won't encounter concrete mini-golf courses, but rather very spectacular and well thought out courses set in a park area.

Similarly to classic golf and miniature golf, the course consists of 18 holes with different levels of difficulty. The individual lanes are slightly longer than the miniature golf lanes, but the whole course is very compact and does not require long-distance transfers.

The individual courses are divided into three basic sections, namely the tee, the fairway and the green (the hole area). The tee represents the area from which play begins. It is a defined area of the course where the ball is launched and the first shot is hit, which is moved along the fairway to the hole.

What are the rules of adventure golf and how to play

Adventure golf can be played by people of all ages, as it is not a physically demanding sport but a pleasant recreational activity. Due to the rules, it is also quite dynamic, develops concentration and precise aiming, and is especially fun even for very young players.

Based on the classics

The rules of adventure golf are based on the rules of classic golf. The main aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The course is played in a prescribed pattern, each hole has its own sequential numbers and is completed chronologically according to these rules.

The game is intended for individuals or groups, with the maximum number of players per group (i.e. on one hole) not normally exceeding 4. The order of players in group play is given at the start of the game.


The individual strokes are entered into a adjusted scorecard, which players receive at the start of the game, usually played on a stroke count (stroke play), i.e. the result of the game is the sum of all the strokes it took the player to complete all the holes.

Adventure golf tournaments are designed like classic golf tournaments, so both stroke play and hole play can be applied.

It starts on the tee

Play starts from the tee and should progressively get the ball into the hole for a maximum of 6 shots. If he fails to do so, he gets one penalty point and moves on to the next lane.

The ideal number of shots per hole is 3, which is why par for the whole course (i.e. the expected number of shots for the whole course) is normally 36 (3 shots for each of the 18 lanes).

If the ball ends up in one of the obstacles, the next shot will follow the specified rules.

If the ball gets stuck in the stone barrier bordering the lane, it is returned to play at the point where it left the lane (at the greatest perpendicular distance of 30 cm from that point). If stuck in another barrier, it does not translate and the player loses a point.

What you need for adventure golf

Adventure golf is a game that is not significantly demanding in terms of equipment and accompanying investment. Virtually anyone can get on the course – the game does not require special registration or membership in a club, there is no need to go through training or lessons, or to obtain a certificate for independent access to the course.

Basic Fee

Since adventure golf is primarily designed as a leisure activity, it only requires payment of an entry fee or an equipment rental fee to access the course.

Entrance fees are usually per person and time spent playing and are around 100 CZK/hour, with possible discounts in the form of family entry fees or for specific age categories.

Hole and Ball

For the game itself, clubs and a ball are needed, which are usually available from the operator for a fee or refundable deposit. Only putters (clubs designed to be played on a hole (green) in conventional golf) or mini golf mallets are used for the game.

The clubs or mallets come in different sizes depending on the age and height of the player. Professional players usually have their own equipment.

Classic golf balls

In addition to clubs, standard golf balls are needed. Due to the tee design, you will not use clubs or other standard equipment designed for playing classic golf. As you are outdoors the whole time, it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Where to play adventure golf

Adventure golf courses are gradually being built all over the Czech Republic. At present, there are approximately 30 courses in operation, located mainly in the vicinity of larger towns, but since their creation does not require such a demanding occupation of natural land, it can be expected that their number will increase due to the growing popularity of this sport.

An advantage of adventure golf is the possibility of building an indoor course, which is ideal especially for winter play, or it can be converted to an indoor course for the winter, similar to tennis courts.

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