TOP 10 best golf bags in USA

Golf bags, or also golf bags, are standard equipment of every amateur and professional golfer used to store golf clubs and other equipment, and also to transport them around the golf course. Golf bags are produced in various variants, with auxiliary wheels and technical solutions for self-standing. Choosing the right bag for your needs depends primarily on how often and for what purposes you intend to use it.

Types of golf bags

Golf bags differ from each other mainly in the materials they are made of, their design and additional features. The design of a golf bag is always made to be as ergonomic as possible and as easy to carry/transport as possible both on the course and between holes.

Types of bags according to manufacturing material

In terms of materials, the following bags are distinguished:

  • leather and leatherette
  • fabric made of natural fibres
  • made of polymeric materials (nylon, polyester and others)

While leather and leatherette or natural fabrics, although they can be provided with additional protective layers and surface treatments (for example, a waterproof layer), do not offer significant differences in performance, polymeric materials and fibres are more flexible in terms of protective function and allow very good characteristics to be achieved, especially in terms of water and frost resistance.

The bags are also equipped with pockets and built-in pouches or loops that can be closed with regular or Velcro fasteners. In addition to these, wheels can be installed on the bag for easier handling, or special struts for a stable position when put down on the field.

Basic parts of the bag

In general, golf bags consist of several specific parts that have specific functionality. These are:

  • base
  • body with organizer
  • pockets
  • straps and handles
  • accessories

The base of the golf bag is always made of a stronger material and reinforced to hold its shape well and to be able to stand the bag on it when it is not being carried. For bags intended to be placed on a trolley, the design of the base is one of the main selection parameters, as the bag must be optimally placed on the trolley structure for stability in more difficult terrain. In the case of mobile bags, it is usually equipped with wheels.

The body of the bag is its main storage part. It is usually divided by an organizer into several compartments for separate storage of different types of sticks. The number of chambers varies, in the basic version there are usually 4, in professional bags the number of chambers can go up to 14, and the division into chambers is either made in the entire length of the bag or only in the upper part, so that the handles in the lower part of the bag body touch.

More advanced types may have chambers equipped with a system to prevent the sticks from rotating – this also protects the individual heads from touching each other.

The pockets are located on the outer surface of the bag body in various configurations. They are used for storing other golfing supplies and equipment including balls, tees, umbrella, drinks and food, gloves and other clothing, etc. The bag can also be fitted with cash boxes and storage for all the necessities including golf shoes. Pockets can be standard or special. Special solutions include a thermal liner, fleece lining for storing valuables etc., they can be smaller in some places or larger along the length of the bag. In addition to the pockets, the bag can also be fitted with holders that do not take the form of a pocket, but a hanging or latching system (holders). These are used to hang clothing and shoes or accessories.

Straps and handles are designed to grip the bag when carrying. The straps make it possible to carry the bag on the shoulder. If the bag is not equipped with wheels, it is necessary to choose a type with comfortable straps, ideally padded and in optimal length (preferably adjustable).

At the same time, when choosing, focus on the strap design – due to the weight of a full bag, it will cut into your skin after prolonged wearing, so it is good to have a strap not only padded, but also equipped with a full-length air waist designed to fit on the back, as well as additional handles to facilitate handling.

In addition to these, the bag may also incorporate an extendable handle – this is mainly used in bags with a rolling system (wheels) installed. Always test the straps and the handle before buying a bag.

Additional equipment is only applied on certain types of bags. On stand bags (i.e. bags that allow you to stand in an inclined position) these are mainly the feet. These are built into the upper part of the body and connected by a pitch stabilization system. Other accessories can be purchased separately. These include an umbrella, a raincoat, a waterproof cover, etc.

Types of bags by design

The main categorization of golf bags is related to their design, which defines both the way they are carried and stowed, as well as their total volume and weight when filled and empty. According to these criteria they are distinguished by:

  • stand bags
  • cart bags
  • training, weekend and pencil bags
  • tour or staff bags
  • travel bags
  • children's bags
  • golf bags

Stand bags are designed to be carried and are not usually equipped with wheels. The weight of a stand bag is in the optimum range with regard to the need to carry on the back, so they are slightly lighter than bags designed to be placed on a trolley, but they must hold all the equipment for a full classic game, i.e. a full set of clubs and supplies for a full day on the course, including clothing, food and drinks.

The standard equipment of stand bags includes integrated feet and a base adapted for stable inclined positioning when unfolded in the field.

Cart bags are bags designed to be placed on a cart. Cart bags are heavier (around 5 kg) and are usually equipped with a complex organizer and a larger number of pockets. The overall design of these bags corresponds to the need for a stable attachment to the cart, less emphasis is placed on the straps, more focus is placed on the reinforcement and the design of the base.

Trainer Bags are used for shorter games and hold less equipment than the previous two categories. These bags are generally as lightweight as possible, and some solutions also feature feet for a stable inclined position when laying in terrain.

The number of pockets is minimal, only standard pockets are used with no other special modifications. These bags very often do not have a waterproof layer.

Tour bags are the largest and heaviest type of bag (up to around 15 kg). Tour bags are mainly designed for professional players to carry all their equipment during a tournament (bags are carried by staff or caddie), they are too heavy for recreational or practice play.

Travel bags are not used on the course, but to transport equipment (golf clubs) over longer distances (by air). Travel bags are equipped with special solutions to protect clubs against impact damage and internal and external straps for safe storage.

Children's bags are available in various versions of all previous categories in smaller design and weight. They are designed for storing and transporting children's sticks, which are usually shorter and lighter. The children's bags are compact, with a standard number of pockets.

Travel bags are a special type of golf transport equipment that is not primarily designed for clubs. They are manufactured in various modifications as additional storage for golfers' equipment and accessories, or for storing a golf cart when transporting over longer distances.

Choosing a golf bag

When looking for the right golf bag for your needs, the main considerations are how it will be used, the environment you will be taking it to, what you want to pack in it and how you want to transport it.

If you are only going to play golf recreationally, smaller bags (pencil bags or stand bags) are much better, while for more demanding training sessions it is optimal to equip yourself with a golf trolley on which to attach the cart bag. If you play golf professionally, then you need to look for tour bags. The basic parameters that are monitored for the bags are listed in the table below.


Feature Common parameters
Weight 1-15 kg
Nepromotion resistance yes/no
Organiser type without organizer / only at the top / full length
Number of organiser compartments 1-14
Caps simple/longitudinal/special finish
Number of pockets 1-10
Accessory handles for balls / for tees / for umbrella / for clothes
Straps simple / padded / adjustable / special
Handle yes/no
Handles location, number
Cart mountings yes/no
Base with castors / fixed / stabilised for trolley mounting / with reinforcement for inclined leg mounting
Integrated feet yes/no
Additional equipment various types

Most popular types of bags

The following list contains the best-selling types of golf bags across categories. All parameters have been taken into account in the selection process with the aim of achieving the best price/performance ratio for a particular type.

Titleist Players 4 Stand bag – review

This stand bag from the renowned Titleist brand belongs to the lighter class of golf bags designed for recreational and amateur golf. The total empty weight of the bag is just under 2 kg, it features feet for stabilization in inclined position, a modified base and a comfortable padded strap over two shoulders.

The organizer divides the bag into four compartments, with 4 zippered pockets and a towel loop on the body.

Reasons to buy the Titleist Players 4 STand golf bag

  • suitable for casual users who play golf mainly recreationally
  • stable and easy to carry, very lightweight
  • optimal storage space
  • comfortable stroke and straps to lighten the load
  • stable fit
  • favourable price

Reasons not to get the Titleist Players 4 STand golf bag

  • not in waterproof design
  • provided with common non-waterproof zippers
  • lack special pockets for food

Sun Mountain 2019 H2NO LITE Cart Bag – Review

The cart bag from Sun Mountain is a very nice solution for longer workouts. Thanks to its light weight (2.5 kg), it is also suitable for carrying, although the design provides for placement on a cart. The organizer divides the body of the bag into 14 chambers along its entire length with one large chamber designed for storing a putter.

There are 6 pockets on the body with waterproof lined zippers and two handles for comfortable carrying. In addition to the pockets, the bag is also equipped with holders for a towel, pencils and umbrella. The overall design aims for complete waterproofness

Reasons to get the Sun Mountain 2019 H2NO LITE Cart golf bag

  • the bag is also designed for inclement weather
  • large storage capacity
  • full-length compartmentalized organizer
  • suitable for stable positioning on the trolley and carrying in the hand
  • value for money

Reasons not to get the Sun Mountain 2019 H2NO LITE Cart golf bag

  • cannot be placed in a reclined position

Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag – Review

Titleist's gof bag designed for placement on a cart features a light weight (2.5 kg) and three rubber handles for easy handling.

The upper part of the bag has a 14-compartment organizer, while the lower part has 3 separate compartments. The bag is equipped with 10 pockets including a thermo pocket for food and drinks, an umbrella pocket and a putter case. Additional features include a towel strap and waterproof cover.

Reasons to buy the Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag

  • Low weight
  • lots of storage space
  • special pocket arrangements for food and drinks
  • stable when placed on the trolley
  • favourable price

Reasons not to get the Titleist Lightweight Cart golf bag

  • cannot be placed in a reclined position
  • low waterproofing

TaylorMade Deluxe cart bag – review

Designed for attachment to a golf cart, TaylorMade's cart bag is made of highly durable material with polytube reinforcement for a stable fit supported by a special base treatment. The body of the bag is divided by an organizer into up to 15 compartments in the upper part, with three completely separate compartments in the lower part, including a special chamber for the putter.

The bag is equipped with 8 pockets located on the front side of the body. In addition to the standard pockets, there are also thermo pockets, a rangefinder pocket and a special pocket for valuables with waterproof fastening. Furthermore, the bag is equipped with a ball holder for scorecards, as well as an umbrella to cover the entire bag. The total weight of the bag is almost 4 kg.

Reasons to buy the TaylorMade Deluxe cart bag

  • up to 15 compartment organizer
  • strong and durable construction
  • stabilizing base design
  • special pocket adjustments for food and drink, valuables and rangefinder
  • favorable price

Reasons not to get the TaylorMade Deluxe golf cart bag

  • cannot be placed in an inclined position
  • low waterproofing

Taylormade Quiver Pencil Bag Lite 2020 – Review

The training bag from Taylormade in pencil design is a very lightweight bag designed for short stays on the course, weighing almost 1.4kg. It includes a 5-compartment organizer and 6 pockets and umbrella and pencil holders.

The bag features very comfortable padded straps for easy carrying as well as smaller feet for unfolding into a reclined position.

Reasons to get the Taylormade Quiver Pencil Bag Lite 2020

  • lightweight bag, ideal for shorter stays on the course
  • plenty of storage space including special pocket arrangements
  • comfortable straps and feet for unfolding

Reasons not to get the Taylormade Quiver Pencil Bag Lite 2020 golf bag

  • higher price
  • low waterproofing

Masters SL500 Stand Bag – Review

The stand bag from Masters is designed as a pencil bag primarily for short stays on the course with fewer clubs, or for training on courses where m is not allowed. The bag is very lightweight and features two shoulder straps for comfortable carrying on the back and a self-activating stand. The price of the bag is very reasonable.

Reasons to buy the Masters SL500 Stand Bag

  • lightweight bag, ideal for shorter stays on the course
  • comfortable straps and stand
  • low price

Reasons not to get the Masters SL500 Stand Bag

  • low waterproofing
  • little storage space
  • not suitable for extended stays on the course

JuCad Aquastop cart bag – review

JuCad's cart bag is very lightweight (weighing just 2.4kg) and suitable for longer stays on the course. The bag is designed exclusively for cart mounting, it is not equipped with straps. The body of the bag is made of very durable nylon.

The organizer divides the main storage compartment into 14 compartments, with 11 zippered pockets on the outside, including thermo pockets for food and drinks, a loop with pouch for GPS placement and a carabiner for attaching an umbrella.

Reasons to buy the JuCad Aquastop golf cart bag

  • lightweight bag attaches well to a golf cart
  • lots of storage space including pockets with special treatment
  • excellent waterproofing

Reasons not to get the JuCad Aquastop golf cart bag

  • lack of straps and handles for easy handling
  • relatively high price

Taylormade Pro Stand 8.0 Stand Bag 2020 – Review

The latest stand bag model from Taylormade is very lightweight (2.2 kg) and features comfortable carrying straps as well as a foot stand for unfolding into a reclined position. The body of the bag is divided by an organizer into 7 compartments and equipped with 7 pockets, including a large-volume clothing pocket, as well as an umbrella and towel holder and a waterproof cover.

Reasons to buy the Taylormade Pro Stand 8.0 Stand Bag 2020

  • Lightweight bag with comfortable straps
  • lots of storage space

Reasons not to get the Taylormade Pro Stand 8.0 Stand Bag 2020

  • relatively high price
  • low waterproofing

Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag SIM 2020 – Review

Taylormade's prestigious cart bag with clip-on padded strap is tailored for extended stays on the golf course. With a total empty weight of 3.8kg, the S bag is a slightly heavier option, the extra weight is offset by the stable trolley attachment solution.

The body of the bag is divided by an organizer into 14 compartments complemented by a separate chamber for the putter The bag is equipped with 8 pockets of different sizes including a waterproof pocket for valuables, a waterproof cover and a holder for an umbrella, towel and Velcro glove. There is an ergonomic handle on the top level of the bag for easy handling.

Reasons to buy the Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag SIM 2020 Golf Bag

  • Lightweight bag with strap and handle for easy handling when placed on the cart
  • plenty of storage space, special pockets with special treatment

Reasons not to get the Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag SIM 2020 golf bag

  • relatively high price
  • low waterproofing

Ogio Majestic cart bag 2015 – review

Ogio's cart attachment bag has been designed specifically for female golfers, for this reason it also has a relatively light weight and ergonomic shaping for easier handling.

The bag can also be used without a trolley – the padded strap and handle on the side serve this purpose. The body of the bag is divided into 15 compartments by an organizer, including a special chamber for the putter, and equipped with 8 pockets, a towel holder and a pencil compartment.

Reasons to buy the Ogio Majestic cart bag 2015, l

  • ergonomic shaping, comfortable to carry and place on a cart
  • plenty of storage space
  • partitioned organiser

Reasons not to buy the Ogio Majestic golf cart bag 2015, l

  • low waterproofing
  • higher weight

Why these bags?

These bags/pouches (it doesn't matter what we call them) came out of our tests as the most interesting on the US market in terms of price/performance ratio, so we objectively included them in our TOP 10 comparisons/reviews.

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