TOP 10 golf carts in the US market

The golf trolley is a very nice accessory for every golfer, as it allows convenient transport of not only golf clubs, but also, for example, snacks, umbrella or clothes in case of a sudden change of weather.

What is the golf trolley used for

Golf trolleys are usually self-contained and can be fitted with different types of bags and panniers. The construction of the golf cart is usually metal, lightweight and very durable capable of carrying all the load of the bag and clubs including other things.

Carts are very compact and often adapted to fold compactly and unfold easily. The main goal of using them is to save as much energy as possible for the game, which is why electric carts are also very popular.

The difficulty of operating the carts

Manual carts are usually more difficult to handle, as the load is usually not completely balanced on the structure. If handling a manual trolley is too difficult for you (especially on less flat terrain), it is optimal to get an electric trolley.

Electric trolleys have a drive on the wheels and are equipped with a battery that is charged via an adapter. When choosing a battery, it is a good idea to look first at the electrolyte used (lightweight lithium batteries are ideal) and then at the capacity to avoid the risk of the cart running out of power during play.

In addition to additional electric wheel drive, it is also possible to get a cart with automatic braking, and even models that can be controlled remotely. However, the price of golf trolleys also depends on the level of equipment.

Manual trolleys are usually the cheapest and provide ample storage space especially if you play golf recreationally, while professionals get more advanced models that are equipped with technologies that make handling easier.

Parameter table for golf trolleys

Feature Usual Parameters
Weight lightweight / standard (electric) / heavy
Composability and speed of layout compact / space-saving
Field handling easy / challenging / remote
Number of wheels and stability 2/3/4
Type of castors plastic (easy surfaces) / inflatable (off-road) / with heavy-duty finish
Frame material aluminum/titanium/carbon fiber/other
Frame weight Standard/lightweight
Drive type manual/electric/remote control
Battery type lead/lithium
Brake and braking systems manual/electric/automatic
Storage basic/extended
Scale and handle standard/ergonomic/with additional equipment (LCD display)
Additional equipment holders/covers/umbrella etc.

What you can get for your golf trolley

Almost every golf cart has specific accessories and attachments designed for special purposes. Replacement batteries are standard for electric carts.

In addition to these, winter equipment is usually needed, which includes modified wheels for movement in worse terrain, as well as gloves or handlebar mitts.

In addition to the standard equipment, you can also get additional accessories, mainly including different types of holders (for umbrellas, skins, batteries, drinks, etc.), additional bags and much more.

How to choose a golf trolley

You should choose a golf trolley based on several aspects, not just price. As a rule, the price already determines the specific type in the selected category according to the drive – manual, electric, remote control.

If you know that you will not use the trolley often, a manual one will always be sufficient for you, an electric trolley is ideal if you have problems with carrying heavier loads and manoeuvring loads.

Another important aspect is the height of the handle and compactness. A folded trolley should fit comfortably in the boot of your car, so check the dimensions of the trolley when folded, including the bag and any accessories you have acquired, and choose one that matches the volume of the boot.

The handle should be at the optimum height in relation to your body so that there is no excessive strain when pushing. If you're buying a trolley for a child, make sure you choose from children's models.

Many golf trolleys have adjustable handles – if you choose one, always adjust it to a height at which you will be able to handle the trolley easily enough without putting too much strain on your back.

The stability of the trolley is also an important parameter. If you are buying a trolley from a brick-and-mortar shop, have it fitted with a regular bag and test whether it is stable enough for handling and sliding, and whether the braking system is reliable.

10 best-selling models and their reviews

To give you an overview of the optimal trolley types, we have selected the 10 best-selling models and conducted an in-depth survey of their users' satisfaction (mainly from the recreational golfers' area).

Axglo Trilite – review

This manual golf trolley is one of the cheaper options with a designer aluminium construction fitted with three wheels, which is treated to prevent scratching the finish when folding and unfolding.

The basic holder is compatible with the entire range of bags. The handle of the trolley is adjustable and fitted with a bracket for storing tools, as well as a hand brake with simple operation.

The wheels are made of solid plastic, no need to inflate them, but are primarily suitable for easy terrain and good conditions. Standard accessories include drink holders and umbrella holders. They can also be equipped with a bag for balls, tees and other necessities.

Reasons to buy the Axglo Trilite golf trolley

  • simple and lightweight design
  • good handling
  • fast folding and unfolding
  • stackability
  • stability when unfolded

Reasons not to buy an Axglo Trilite golf trolley

  • not all accessories are always available

ClicGear 3.5+ – Review

The ClicGear 3.5+ manual golf trolley stands out above all for its robust construction ensuring a long life in perfect condition. The sturdy frame makes handling slightly more difficult.

Three identically sized wheels are applied to the frame design to maximize the cart's stability on any terrain. The trolley is fitted with a lockable bracket with large storage space.

Very strong straps are installed on the main golf bag bracket. The adjustable handle is equipped with an effective hand brake with intuitive operation.

The trolley can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to increase storage space – an equipment bag (in different size options) and clips for additional equipment including an adjustable drink holder, umbrella holder, ball holder and club brush.

Alternatively, a rangefinder bag can be installed in this design element. The trolley is easy to fold thanks to the convenient design, and also the button that releases the front wheel. Once folded, the whole device is well stored. The price of this cart is very reasonable.

Reasons to buy the ClicGear 3.5+ golf cart

  • robust frame design for excellent stability
  • very compact when unfolded
  • easy handling even in rough terrain
  • reliability and long service life
  • quality at optimum investment
  • large storage volume

Reasons not to buy a ClicGear 3.5+ golf trolley

  • Higher weight may make it less maneuverable for female golfers
  • some accessories may not be available (e.g. cart cover)

Masters 5 series – review

The Masters 5 series manual golf trolley is designed for junior golfers. The very lightweight aluminium construction and the scaled down design with padded handle match this purpose.

The trolley is equipped with three wheels and a holder compatible with most children's bags. Braking is provided by a foot-operated lower brake.

The assembly and disassembly of the trolley is very simple, adapted to the child player, thanks to the small dimensions of the structure it is also very portable accessories consist of one holder, which is designed for the scorecard. The price of the cart is appropriate with regard to the target consumer group.

Reasons to get your child the Masters 5 series golf cart

  • Low weight and good maneuverability
  • easy to unfold and fold
  • stackability

Reasons not to buy a Masters 5 series golf trolley

  • low accessory equipment
  • lack of storage space

Motocaddy S1 Review

The Motocaddy S1 electric golf trolley already falls into the category of more expensive trolleys, mainly because of the electrification that makes handling much easier. The trolley is controlled via an LCD display located on the ergonomic handle.

The speed indicator defines the current power in use, and up to 9 different speeds can be selected in total (depending on the specific terrain). The trolley is equipped with a powerful lithium battery equipped with a consumption and capacity meter, which can be recharged without removing it from the trolley.

The operation of the trolley is very quiet and features QUICKFOLD and EASILOCK technologies. The design is very lightweight with adjustable supports and removable castors with easy clamping.

Reasons to buy the Motocaddy S1 golf trolley

  • Lightweight construction and easy manoeuvrability thanks to electric drive
  • adjustable speed range and easy operation via LCD display
  • advanced design and technology
  • high capacity battery that can be recharged directly in the trolley

Reasons not to buy a Motocaddy S1 golf trolley

  • difficult availability of accessories and spare parts

Masters 3 series – review

The Masters 3 series manual golf trolley is the older brother of the children's version designed for adult golfers. It is a cart with a sturdy frame fitted with three wheels.

Through this construction in a specific design, the trolley achieves a significant load capacity, the main holder is thus compatible with almost all types of golf bags and stable in any terrain. The trolley is equipped with a brake with lower foot control.

The standard accessories of the trolley consist of ball, tee and pen holders for the scorecard and a structural extension for placing an umbrella holder, which can accommodate other accessories. Due to the increased load capacity, the trolley can be fitted with additional elements to increase the storage space.

The trolley is easy to fold and unfold, but less compact when folded. The price of the trolley is very reasonable, it is one of the cheapest trolleys in the adult golf category.

Reasons to buy the Masters 3 series golf trolley

  • high stability and load capacity
  • easy handling even in difficult terrain
  • easy folding and unfolding
  • large range of attachments to expand storage space
  • low price

Reasons not to buy a Masters 3 series golf trolley

  • slightly compact when folded
  • lack of accessory availability

JuStar Carbon Light – Review

The JuStar Carbon Light electric golf trolley is characterised by its high stability and very good handling. The carbon frame of the trolley guarantees its high lightness, the 2 powerful motors and the very easy handling at the chosen speed even in very difficult terrain.

The brake is electronic and sensitive, the trolley can be controlled remotely with a selectable range. The drive is provided by a high-performance lithium battery. When folded, the trolley achieves a compact shape that has excellent storage capacity.

A great advantage is the carrying capacity compatible with almost all types of golf bags. Standard equipment includes an umbrella holder and battery charger. The trolley represents a very challenging financial investment.

Reasons to buy the JuStar Carbon Light Golf Cart

  • highly portable and easy to disassemble design
  • high capacity battery
  • high capacity design frame
  • adjustable speeds with electric brake and range adjustment
  • easy handling and light weight
  • wide range of accessories

Reasons not to buy a JuStar Carbon Light golf trolley

  • high price
  • availability of spare parts and accessories

Davies Caddy SMART DHC – Review

The Davies Caddy SMART DHC electric three-wheel golf caddy is particularly popular for its quiet operation, which is provided by a differential drive.

The functional design of the cart allows for easy manoeuvrability, which is supported by an automatic direction-keeping solution, a sprung axle for negotiating uneven ground and a DHC system. The aluminium frame of the trolley is very durable and easy to fold and unfold by folding and removing the castors.

The trolley features high stability thanks to its advanced design with wide-span rear wheels. The ergonomically shaped handle is equipped with a start/stop control button, the trolley is equipped with a reliable braking system (automatic brake) and a powerful battery with a long service life.

The price of the trolley is significantly higher than conventional electric and manual trolleys due to the added features.

Reasons to buy the Davies Caddy SMART DHC golf trolley

  • simple design of excellent quality
  • a range of support systems for easy handling
  • very quick and easy folding and unfolding
  • safety systems to prevent unwanted manoeuvres including automatic brakes

Reasons not to buy a Davies Caddy SMART DHC golf trolley¨

  • high initial investment
  • range of accessories and availability

JuStar Electric Golf Trolley – Review

The JuStar Electric Golf Trolley is the professional solution for the demanding user. This trolley is made in a very aesthetic design and is characterized by its easy handling thanks to practical functional solutions.

The lightweight frame made of aluminium alloy with titanium admixture guarantees a long service life with minimum maintenance. The trolley is equipped with a powerful lithium battery with high capacity and two drives. A range of several speeds can be selected, and the control can be extended with a remote system if required.

The design allows for smooth folding and unfolding, which is realized in several steps. The price of the trolley is significantly higher than conventional electric and manual trolleys and represents a challenging initial investment.

Reasons to buy the JuStar Electric Golf Trolley

  • easy handling and smooth operation, including the ability to install a remote system
  • lightweight frame construction with long life
  • fast and smooth folding and unfolding

Reasons not to get the JuStar Electric Golf Trolley

  • high initial investment
  • range of accessories and availability

Spirit – Sport PLUS Electric Golf Trolley – Review

The Spirit Sport PLUS electric golf trolley is a very affordable option, especially for recreational golfers. The cart is equipped with a lead acid battery with lower capacity and higher weight.

Thanks to the aluminium frame, it provides optimal manoeuvrability, which is supported by the electric drive. The operation of the trolley is very quiet, the design allows a choice of seven gears.

The wheels are fitted with a tread for better handling in more difficult terrain. The trolley can be easily folded and unfolded into a very compact shape. The handle of the trolley is ergonomically shaped. The accessories of the trolley consist of cup holders, scorecards and umbrella, as well as packaging for the individual components.

Reasons to buy the Spirit Sport PLUS golf trolley

  • favourable price for very good quality
  • easy folding and unfolding, compact design when folded
  • quiet operation
  • a range of available accessories included in the price

Reasons not to buy a Spirit Sport PLUS golf trolley

  • low battery power with higher weight
  • more challenging to handle
  • lower stability and load capacity

Davies Caddy Compact – Review

The Davies Caddy Compact electric three-wheel golf trolley is characterised above all by its optimum stability provided by the appropriate rear wheel base. The trolley is equipped with a lithium battery with very good capacity and two motors, as well as a function for controlled descent and a battery level indicator.

The robust construction translates into a trolley weight that makes handling difficult. The handle is ergonomically shaped and adjustable for different grip heights.

The trolley is easy to fold and unfold, disassembling into a very compact shape. Common accessories that can be purchased with the trolley include a bag to expand the storage space, umbrella and scorecard holders, and a battery accessory.

Reasons to buy the Davies Caddy Compact golf trolley

  • favourable price for very good quality
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • compact design for easy storage
  • availability of accessories

Reasons not to buy a Davies Caddy Compact golf trolley

  • high weight affecting handling
  • poor technological design of wheels (easy to get dirty)

All of the TOP 10 best trolleys

This concludes our practical guide to choosing the best trolley for your golf bag, clubs and equipment that you can find in the Czech Republic. In making our selection, we have taken into account our practical experience on golf courses and we believe that our selection and rating will greatly assist you in your decision regarding choosing a new cart.

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