TOP 10 best golf drivers in the USA

A golf driver is a club designed for the long game and is usually used as the first of the entire golf set for the first shot from the fairway at the beginning of the course.

Driver usually has the longest shaft and also the largest head, so the choice of the water type depends primarily on the overall design of the individual components, so that the manipulation of the club is smooth and during the launch can be adequately regulated individual parameters of the flight path.

What makes golf drivers different

Driver is basically a trivial name for the No. 1 wood club. This club is used at the beginning of each game to hit the ball off the tee (i.e., to play the ball off the base). Golf drivers differ from each other primarily in the material and shape of the components, especially in terms of:

  • the material and shape of the head
  • the loft of the club
  • the location of the center of gravity of the head
  • the material and length of the shaft

Golf Driver Head

The driver head has several specific characteristics that define its interaction with the ball. The basic limits for the driver head are determined by the volume, which must not exceed the range 440-460 cm3.

This parameter is then subordinated to the overall head shaping. Primarily, the driver head differs in the material it is made of – although it belongs to the wood category, nowadays the driver head is usually made of alternative materials and technologically advanced systems.

The original all-wood head is currently designed as either a hollow head with an embedded center of gravity adjustment system.

Standard materials for making the outer layer of the head include mainly metals and composites with lightweight and strong character, usually tungsten, titanium or alloys.

In addition to the head material, the shape of the head is also very important. By being limited only by volume, not weight, their design offers a range of options that are advantageous especially for novice players.

The driver head can be fitted with a very large sweetspot area (i.e., the ideal point at which the club head and ball interact during the swing), which is particularly advantageous for beginning players, so the shape of the head determines its overall dynamics.

Loft golf driver

Loft represents the basic parameter of the driver, which governs the technique of a particular shot. Loft is basically the slope of the head from the vertical and defines the angle at which the ball should be hit. On driver clubs, this angle can be as high as 17° on the sweetspot.

The clubs have a standard fixed loft, but there are also types with loft adjustable within a given angular range – the amount of loft should depend on the swing power and swing speed, i.e. the faster the swing, the lower the loft should be.

Drivers with adjustable loft allow loft changes of up to 5°, so they are also suitable for players who are just learning how to hit the right shot.

Once they have achieved better swing technique they can gradually move to a higher loft, but they need to take into account the fact that changing the loft setting will also change the overall head tilt, which affects the ball's trajectory for a comparable swing. If you want to buy a driver without adjustable loft, a universal driver with 10.5° loft is optimal.

Holes with adjustable loft usually also allow the position of the head relative to the shaft to be readjusted. In this direction, three head positions are recognized – open, square and closed. The adjustment of the head position primarily affects the swing height by the secondary loft setting.

Golf driver head location

The center of gravity of a driver head does not have to be strictly determined by the shape or design of the club and the thickness of the hollow wrapper. The standard centre of gravity is the centre of the shape and material design of the driver head and can be fixed or influenced by the addition of different types of weights.

These are fitted into a specially designed recess – depending on the specific location in the recess (shifting weights), the centre of gravity is shifted along the length of the head and affects the direction the ball will go when hit.

Material and shaft length

The characteristics of the shaft are also very important in a driver club, as they significantly affect the handling possibilities – the ideal length and weight of the shaft are particularly important.

With too heavy a shaft you will not be able to achieve a suitable swing, with too long a shaft the swing technique will be unnatural. The length of the golf driver shaft should not exceed 122 cm (such long drivers are primarily suitable for tall players), standard driver clubs have a shaft length of around 114-117 cm.

At this length, optimum accuracy of ball hitting and control of swing direction is achieved.

The material of the shaft also affects its flexibility (flex). In addition to the ease of handling, it is thus necessary to navigate by the markings that define its flexibility / stiffness. The shaft should match the player's ability or swing speed.

Very flexible shafts direct the ball into a specific trajectory and are suitable for players with lower swing speeds, while stiffer shafts are more suitable for experienced players with high swing speeds who can correct the direction of the swing with technique.

The division of shafts according to flexibility is given by a scale including two categories, namely stiff and flexible shafts. Flex is characterized by the following types:

  • L (ladies)
  • A (senior)
  • R (regular)
  • S (stiff)
  • SX (extra stiff)

Shafts L, S and R are classified as flexible types. Stiff shafts are designated S (stiff), and in addition to the basic stiffness, shafts with XS-XXXS stiffness can be purchased.

How to choose the right golf driver

The choice of a golf driver should therefore be based primarily on the player's ability. Beginners should choose a driver with lower loft and higher flexibility with a shaft of a shorter length.

For advanced players, it is also advisable to work with the center of gravity of the head and the optimal length of the club with higher stiffness. It is possible to choose from a range of solutions offered by established manufacturers in different price ranges. If you are selecting your first driver as a beginner, it is advisable to focus on universals, on which you can train especially your swing technique, which must reach the appropriate speed.

For most types, you can do so-called club fitting, i.e. combine the different types of heads and shafts by successive testing until you reach an optimal combination or configuration. When choosing, it is also a good idea to try out the grip and assess the grip design

Golf drivers are usually manufactured by companies involved in the complete production of golf sets, but there are also specialized companies focused exclusively on research and development of this type of club, or companies producing club clubs from the wood category. The most well-known manufacturers are:

  • Callaway
  • Cobra
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist
  • Wilson

Cash prices for drivers range from £5,000 – £15,000.

Golf Drivers Parameter Table

FeatureCustomary Parameters
Head Materialmetal/composite
Head Designsolid/hollow
Head Volume440- 460 cm3
Moment of inertia (head stiffness)low/high
Shaft length107- 122 cm
Shaft material40-70 g
FlexL/A/R/S  / XS / XXS / XXXS
Player DominanceRight/Left

The most popular types of golf drivers according to consumers

The golf driver is an essential piece of equipment in any golf set, as it is the type of club used to first hit from the fairway.

The price of the driver usually corresponds mainly to the technological design and materials used, but also to the design, so when choosing it is good to consider the current ability of the player – for beginners, the primary need is to master the swing technique, so it is better to get a basic type first and then adjust the parameters of the driver to the acquired experience.

Here are the 10 most popular golf driver models according to consumers.

Callaway Xr Speed – Review

The Xr Speed golf driver from Callaway is designed for women with right-handed orientation. The high base loft (13.5°), adjustable in 1° increments from 12.5° to 15.5°, allows for precise aiming at lower swing speeds. The weight of the shaft is only 40 grams, which makes handling the club easy, the length of the shaft is 113 cm. The driver head is lightweight, made of carbon composite. The club head has a maximum allowable volume of 460 cm3 with a large sweetspot area.

Reasons to buy the Callaway Xr Speed golf driver

  • suitable for beginner (female) golfers with slow swing and right-handed dominance
  • adjustable loft
  • lightweight design for easy handling
  • low price

Reasons not to get the Callaway Xr Speed golf driver

  • not suitable for advanced players
  • not suitable for left-handed players

TaylorMade SIM Max Fujikura Ventus -review

The SIM Max Fujikura Ventus driver from TaylorMade is designed for men with right-handed dominance. The stick features a head with adjustable loft and a specific aerodynamic design. The basic low loft is especially suitable for advanced players with a fast swing. The driver can be purchased in several configurations to fit shafts of varying stiffness.

Reasons to get the TaylorMade SIM Max Fujikura Ventus golf driver

  • excellent quality
  • advanced head design technology with adjustable loft
  • guided for advanced golfers with shaft fitting options with right-handed dominance

Reasons not to get the TaylorMade SIM Max Fujikura Ventus golf driver

  • not suitable for beginners
  • high price

Cobra King F9 – review

The King F9 golf driver is the latest model in the series from Cobra, designed for both male and female players (with optimized features) with right-handed dominance. The model can be purchased in several loft variations, is characterized by a special head design made of carbon fiber with modified balance and the possibility of fitting weights. The sweetspot area is milled and, due to the 460 cm3 head volume, has enough surface area for very precise strokes. The club can be fitted with shafts up to 116 cm in length with an extended grip.

Reasons to buy the Cobra King F9 golf driver

  • variable solutions for differently skilled players
  • suitable for men and women with right-handed dominance
  • advanced and very precise head design with variable loft adjustable to three positions
  • selectable shaft length
  • very affordable price

Reasons not to buy the Cobra King F9 golf driver

  • Thorough center of gravity adjustment required – not suitable for casual players

Callaway Rogue – Review

The Rogue driver from Callaway is a classic club with very good playing characteristics and a reinforced composite head in a variant design for both male and female players with right-handed and left-handed dominance. This driver can be purchased in shaft variants in a very lightweight design with L or R flex depending on the user's ability – the flexible shaft is optimal for beginners and intermediate players. The shaft is equipped with adjustable loft for different swing speed levels.

Reasons to get the Callaway Rogue golf driver

  • high quality head design with advanced design and adjustable loft
  • very suitable for beginner players in left and right handed options
  • lightweight design and easy handling
  • fitting for different shaft lengths

Reasons not to get the Callaway Rogue golf driver

  • not very suitable for advanced players – very flexible shaft
  • higher price

Cobra King SpeedZone EXTREME – review

The King SpeedZone EXTREME driver from Cobra is designed primarily for male golfers with right-handed dominance. The head design is reinforced with titanium and balanced with a heavier crown for better swing accuracy even with a longer shaft. The club is fitted with a grip with better grip and technology features to track swing statistics.

Reasons to get the Cobra King SpeedZone EXTREME golf driver

  • very precise head design and good moment of inertia
  • game parameter monitoring built into the grip

Reasons not to get the Cobra King SpeedZone EXTREME golf driver

  • higher price

Titleist WTS2 – review

The WTS2 women's driver from Titleist is designed for female golfers with right-handed dominance. The advanced head design with low loft and graphite shaft with L-category flexibility predestines the club especially for more advanced players with good swing speed.

Reasons to get the Titleist WTS2 golf driver

  • designed for advanced golfers with right-handed dominance
  • quality advanced head design
  • optimal flexibility

Reasons not to get the Titleist WTS2 golf driver

  • not suitable for beginners
  • solid loft
  • high price

TaylorMade M2 17 Review

The M2 17 men's driver from TaylorMade is a water club primarily for golfers, but it is also usable for female players, with right-handed dominance. The R-rated shaft with low flex and a standard 10.5° loft head with adjustability make this a versatile driver for both beginners and advanced players.

Reasons to get the TaylorMade M2 17 golf driver

  • quality standard design
  • suitable for all types of players
  • optimal price

Reasons not to get the TaylorMade M2 17 golf driver

  • especially suitable for practice swings

Callaway Mavrik Max driver Project X EvenFlow – review

The Mavrik Max driver in the Project X EvenFlow design is designed primarily for beginners and recreational golfers. The club is very easy to handle and features a striking surface with good moment of inertia. The driver can be purchased in different variations with adjustable loft and head position. The head can be fitted with shafts in flexible and rigid versions. The head's centre of gravity can be adjusted with additional weights.

Reasons to get the Callaway Mavrik Max driver Project X EvenFlow golf driver

  • quality lightweight driver for recreational players and beginners
  • adjustable head including center of gravity, position and loft
  • easy to handle and available in many variations

Reasons not to get the Callaway Mavrik Max driver Project X EvenFlow golf driver

  • unsuitable for precision play
  • high price

Titleist TS2 9,5° – review

The TS2 9.5° driver from Titleist is a club designed primarily for advanced right-handed players (men) with very high loft and a thin titanium crown.

Driver is fitted with a rigid shaft with a standard length of 116 cm. The head in advanced design and maximum volume with large impact area on the sweetspot allows for a very accurate hit with good inertia.

Reasons to buy the Titleist TS2 9.5° golf driver

  • high quality head with good balance and low moment of inertia
  • suitable for advanced golfers and tournaments
  • good stiffness and easy handling with optimal technique and swing speed

Reasons not to get the Titleist TS2 9.5° golf driver

  • suitable only for advanced male players, right-handed
  • high price

Wilson Staff D300 – Review

Wilson's Staff D300 is the perfect model for beginners – men with right- and left-handed dominance. The contoured impact head surface with notches allows for more accurate swings even at lower swing speeds.

The head is fitted with a flexible shaft with a standard length of 116 cm. The shaft can be purchased in several variations differing in basic loft and range of loft adjustment.

Reasons to get the Wilson Staff D300 golf driver

  • comfortable handling
  • very suitable for beginners
  • advanced impact face design with high flexibility
  • variant loft design
  • low price

Reasons not to get the Wilson Staff D300 golf driver

  • unsuitable for advanced players – high component flexibility

Why these drivers?

We have selected these particular 10 driver golf clubs for our top ranking based on their popularity on the Czech market and our best experience within the editorial team.

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