TOP 10 golf shoes on the US market

As for many other sports, golf shoes are a very important part of the complete equipment, in addition to special equipment. Given the standard conditions in which golf practice or tournaments take place, it is essential that golf shoes are made (and selected) with an emphasis on maximum comfort for long periods of wear and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

The criteria for the selection of golf shoes are primarily linked to characteristic age and gender differences, which are complemented by special material and functional solutions, details and design.

How to choose golf shoes

Golf shoes are standardly produced as special design shoes with common features and different designs for different consumer demographics.

Therefore, the first thing to look for when choosing shoes is the right size. Similar to other sports, it is ideal that the shoe fits well on the foot and doesn't pinch anywhere, but since there is a need for maximum fit when swinging into the shoe, it should provide as little slack as possible.

It is therefore ideal to choose golf shoes exactly to the size of the foot (or half a size smaller) with a good binding. After that, other functional solutions including sole design, material solution or measures with special additional technologies should be considered.

Only in the last stage do you focus on the design, which is also important, however, mainly because of the shaping of the specific foot.

Golf shoe sole design

Another important aspect of golf shoes is the sole design. Since golfers mainly move on grassy and unpaved terrain when playing (similar to football shoes for natural turf), golf shoes are usually fitted with a special sole treatment with better grip and stability for the necessary fit during the swing.

In this respect, three basic types of golf shoes are distinguished:

  • with standard soles
  • spike
  • spikeless

Golf shoes with standard sole (traditional)

The traditional golf shoe is based on the concept of the golf shoe that has been used to play for centuries. In comparison with athletic golf shoes (spike or spikeless), they are made of strong and impermeable material (leather) and with minimal sole pattern.

The shoe thus adapted fits very well on the foot and allows optimal fitting, ideal for normal terrain in good weather. Walking in traditional boots is quite comfortable, but the fastening during the swing does not achieve the same effect as athletic boots with a specially modified sole pattern.

Spike shoes

Shoes equipped with anti-slip treatment in the form of removable spikes are a very effective sole solution, especially for hitting.

Walking in such footwear is less comfortable, as in hard ground (in good weather) the spikes get stuck, while in poor ground (in rain or drizzle) they sink into the ground, making it difficult to step due to the mud wrapping, and at the same time they wear out considerably.

The advantage of spikes is the possibility of replacing them in case of loss of functionality. The sole of a spike golf shoe can be fitted with two strands of these elements, namely:


  • metallic
  • plastic

Metal spikes

Mainly used by professional golfers. Their undeniable advantage is their higher efficiency and durability due to the high strength of the material and sharp points.

Footwear with metal spikes on the sole is particularly suitable for bad weather, it is not suitable for use on hard ground, as normal walking is very problematic with them and the spikes are destroyed in this way.

Care should also be taken in holes with very low cut grass. Carelessly stepping on the metal spikes can tear out the sod, thus degrading the surface.

Plastic sleeves

They are considerably softer than metal ones and thus much better able to withstand walking on harder ground. Although the tips of these spikes wear out more quickly, walking in shoes with this treatment on the sole is not as demanding, and they also provide sufficient support for the foot during the swing.

A great advantage of plastic cleats is the possibility of replacing them in case of excessive grinding.

Spikeless shoes

The athletic spikeless golf shoe is the optimal option for beginners as well as for more demanding field conditions, especially on very hard surfaces.

This type of shoe has an anti-slip pattern on the sole made up of special elements designed to provide sufficient support during the swing. While they do not achieve the effect of a spikey shoe on wetter surfaces, they are much more comfortable for casual walking between tees and holes in all weather conditions.

Golf shoe materials and related features

The upper part of the golf shoe, which protects the ankle and ensures a firm foot fit, including reinforcement at the ankle, is required particularly with regard to the thermal and moisture comfort of the foot.

The material design of the shoe is thus primarily related to the season in which it is to be used, i.e. for cold and damp environments, closed, low or completely impermeable shoes with good waterproofing and thermal insulation are intended. As a standard, golf shoes are manufactured in several material variants, which also determine the final design of the shape. They are therefore distinguished by:

  • leather golf shoes
  • golf shoes made of synthetic leather (leatherette)
  • golf shoes made of natural or synthetic fabrics

The ankle part of the shoe is usually reinforced to strengthen the heel.

Leather golf shoes

Shoes made of genuine leather are always crafted in traditional style. Its main advantages are contemporary waterproofness and good breathability, which ensures that the foot does not sweat in the shoe even on hot humid days.

This is especially important during longer tournaments in alternate weather (spring, autumn). The leather boots are also sewn with the aim to fit the foot ideally after tying, so that the foot moves minimally in them. This type of footwear is usually the most durable and the most expensive.

Synthetic leather golf shoes

Unlike leather, leather is a grade inferior material for sports shoes, which, while it translates positively to its price, does not achieve the same strength and comfort.

Synthetic leather is used in athletic golf shoes fitted with spikes and with spikeless finishes. The shoes are characterized by good water resistance, however, their breathability is quite low. They are mainly used in cooler wet days, as they provide relatively good thermal insulation.

Golf shoes made of synthetic or natural fibres

This type of footwear is classically sporty combining various woven materials with specific properties for guaranteed waterproofness and breathability.

The price of the shoes corresponds to synthetic leather and they can be purchased in different designs – as highly waterproof (with a coating that prevents moisture from entering the interior of the shoe), highly breathable (especially suitable for very hot days with porous character and low water resistance) and special.

Special golf shoes

Golf shoes can also be purchased in special designs with atypical combinations of materials or functional features. Special types of golf shoes are, for example, barefoot models or shoes designed for winter wear.

Barefoot golf shoes

Barefoot has become an increasingly popular type of footwear in recent times, with very flexible soles and a light, elegant design that helps to significantly strengthen the foot and promote natural footfall.

Golf shoes in barefoot finish are specially designed to ensure comfort during long tournaments or games, while allowing a very firm stance during the swing.

Winter golf shoes

Spoecific winter golf shoes feature an elevated design with greater ankle coverage and high waterproofing and thermal insulation. They are only designed for play in very cold conditions and guarantee high stability even in soft and very wet surfaces.

Binding systems

The lacing of golf shoes is usually designed as a system, with elastic laces with adjustable fixed fastening. In addition to the conventional lacing and flexible fixed lacing, a special mechanical lacing system with a lock at the back of the shoe is also used, through which the shoes are quickly tightened and released.

Manufacturers of golf shoes and their price

There are a number of companies involved in the manufacture of golf shoes that are not necessarily focused directly on the design and production of golf equipment. Companies that have golf shoes in their production program may either be directly focused on this type of product, or they may offer complete golf equipment, or, on the other hand, design sports shoes for different areas.

Some of the best known and best selling brands include golf shoes from Adidas, FootJoy, Callaway, Mizuno and Ecco. The price of the shoes normally ranges between 500 and 5000 CZK depending on the functionality and quality of the design.

Parameter table for golf shoes

Feature Usual Parameters
Material leather/artificial leather/solid synthetic material
Weight lightweight/heavier
Waterproof high/low
Durability high/low
For period spring-fall/summer/winter
Sole material flexible/rigid
Sole design traditional/spikeless/spikeless
Binding standard / special / mechanical
Special design winter/barefoot/other

The most popular types of golf shoes according to consumers

The optimal type of golf shoe is related to a number of factors, and from a consumer point of view, those that offer maximum comfort given the usual conditions in which they are worn are particularly preferred.

Many players also focus on design and colour schemes, but most choose their shoes based on specific features that guarantee good foot stability during the demanding long walk and during the swing.

Consider investing more in golf shoes especially if you plan to play the sport full time and expect to spend long hours on the course practicing or playing tournaments. For recreational players, it is not necessary to purchase shoes with special modifications.

Here are the top 10 best-selling golf shoe models chosen by consumers.

Under Armour Showdown E Mens white/black/green – review

Under Armour's spikeless shoes are very comfortable in athletic leather with high waterproofness and breathability. Suitable for more advanced players, the shoe has a comfortable design and internal design with softer heel for all-day walking comfort. The sole design puts high resistance in rotation during the swing, suitable for hard and softer surfaces. The price of the shoe is slightly higher.

Reasons to get the Under Armour Showdown E Mens Golf Shoes

  • quality shoes for advanced players
  • very comfortable, breathable and waterproof
  • with treated inner liner and heel reinforcement for all-day wear
  • available generally in all sizes

Reasons not to get the Under Armour Showdown E Mens golf shoes

  • Male players only – design for the male foot, cannot be purchased in non-standard sizes
  • higher price

Callaway Chev Mission Mens black – review

The Chew Mission range of golf shoes for men from Callaway is a very affordable option when it comes to the price of the shoes. The shoes are very suitable for beginners or recreational players, the surface material is very breathable with waterproof treatment. The shoes are equipped with a cleat and a groove for good stability. The inner design of the shoe is very comfortable.

Reasons to buy Callaway Chev Mission Mens golf shoes

  • High quality breathable and waterproof shoe
  • good stability and swing strength
  • comfortable insole
  • suitable for beginners
  • low price

Reasons not to buy Callaway Chev Mission Mens golf shoes

  • primarily suitable for fair weather, lack of durability in difficult conditions
  • suitable primarily for recreational players
  • built-in sleepers make it difficult to move around the court

Callaway Apex Lite Mens black/grey – review

The Apex Lite for men from Callaway is a designer spikeless golf shoe with lower waterproofing and very good breathability. The sole solution ensures optimal stability of foot rotation during swings. Very lightweight and comfortable even when worn for long periods of time.

Reasons to buy Callaway Apex Lite Mens golf shoes

  • very breathable and comfortable
  • especially suitable for beginners, and even on hard surfaces

Reasons not to buy Callaway Apex Lite Mens golf shoes

  • worse footwear for feet with a high instep
  • especially suitable for warm weather
  • higher price

Ecco Golf Biom Cool Pro Mens white/scarlet – review

Ecco's high quality, spikeless Golf Biom Cool shoe is a product of advanced functionality, implementing technologies for a pleasant and comfortable movement on the course while maintaining foot stability during tee shots. A special midsole treatment provides very effective waterproofing and breathability.

Reasons to get Ecco Golf Biom Cool Pro Mens Golf Shoes

  • especially suitable for advanced players
  • special technology to ensure stability during swings
  • waterproof and breathable
  • suitable for variable weather conditions

Reasons not to get the Ecco Golf Biom Cool Pro Mens Golf Shoes

  • designed for men only
  • high price

Adidas Adipure DC Wmn white/blue – review

The Adidas Adipure DC women's golf shoe in synthetic leather has optimal water resistance and a very elegant design. The comfortable shoe with spikeless sole specially profiled and equipped with anti-slip elements ensures foot stability throughout the time spent on the course.

Reasons to get the Adidas Adipure DC Wmn golf shoes

  • suitable even in bad weather
  • elegant and comfortable design
  • optimal stability at the tee due to special sole shaping

Reasons not to get the Adidas Adipure DC Wmn golf shoes

  • Designed for women only
  • lacing on the laces does not fix the foot sufficiently
  • higher price

Adidas Wmn black – review

The Adidas Wmn simple athletic golf shoes represent a very good value for money. The sole is designed as a spikeless sole with special profiling and anti-slip elements that provide very good stability even on the softer ground of the hole. The shoe is optimally breathable with lower water resistance.

Reasons to get the Adidas Wmn black golf shoes

  • suitable for beginners and recreational players
  • good stability with special sole profiling
  • very affordable price

Reasons not to buy the Adidas Wmn black golf shoes

  • designed for women only
  • not suitable for bad weather
  • low durability especially with frequent use

FootJoy Pro SL Jr white/navy/red – review

The FootJoy Pro SL Jr golf shoe is designed for young golfers. It is a shoe with spikeless synthetic fabric finish, very breathable and with waterproof surface. The design of the sole ensures high stability thanks to the deep pattern of anti-slip elements. The insole of the shoe is made of a special material for increased comfort.

Reasons to get the FootJoy Pro SL Jr golf shoes

  • very comfortable and durable
  • suitable for teenage players
  • optimal sole design for good stability

Reasons not to get the FootJoy Pro SL Jr golf shoes

  • available in kids sizes only
  • higher price

Adidas Tour 360 XT Mens white/silver – review

The Tour 360 XT spike golf shoe from Adidas is designed primarily for advanced players. A very comfortable shoe made of leather with optimal treatment for cooler and wet weather. The sole design ensures very good stability in all weather conditions. It fits well on the foot and strengthens it.

Reasons to get the Adidas Tour 360 XT golf shoes

  • high quality and comfortable
  • good stability even on wet surfaces and at maximum swing rotation
  • breathable and waterproof

Reasons not to get the Adidas Tour 360 XT golf shoes

  • Men's version only
  • high price

FootJoy Pro SL Boa Mens white/grey – review

The FootJoy Pro SL Boa is a quality golf shoe designed for advanced players. The shoes are very comfortable, breathable and waterproof, also suitable for bad weather.

The spikeless outsole has a very efficient tread pattern for optimum resistance of the shoe during the swing and at the same time smooth movement on the course. A tight fit around the foot is achieved by mechanical binding.

Reasons to get the FootJoy Pro SL Boa golf shoes

  • comfortable, breathable and waterproof, suitable even in poor conditions
  • very stable in the swing
  • optimal for walking on the field
  • mechanical binding

Reasons not to get the FootJoy Pro SL Boa golf shoes

  • suitable for advanced players and for men
  • high price

FootJoy Flex Wmn white/fuchsia-pink – review

The FootJoy Flex lightweight golf shoes for women are the ideal shoes for recreational and advanced golfers. The synthetic fabric upper with very good breathability is designed especially for summer weather. The stability of the spikeless sole is ensured by anti-slip elements.

Reasons to buy the FootJoy Flex Wmn golf shoes

  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable shoe
  • very stable sole

Reasons not to get the FootJoy Flex Wmn golf shoes

  • designed exclusively for women
  • low water resistance, suitable for warm weather only
  • higher price

Why did these boots win our comparison?

For us, it's the ideal intersection of quality/price and practicality that we've been looking for in Czech e-shops and brick-and-mortar stores for months.

Of course, with the arrival of new models, we will re-examine the practicality and use of each shoe for golf, so we will gradually update the table and reviews according to the current situation on the Czech market.

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