Fitness golf – how did it originate and can you play it with us?

Golf season usually begins with the warmer spring months and ends in the fall, when the weather still allows the sport in unrestricted fashion. Although golf is considered to be a year-round activity, few people take up the sport in truly extreme winter conditions, not only because of the difficulty of traversing the terrain or the need to equip themselves with warmer clothing, but also because of other weather conditions that affect playing conditions.

For golf enthusiasts, but also for those who are tired of monotonous exercise on fitness machines (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.), in some fitness centers it is possible to find a relatively new combined type of exercise, which combines typical competitive elements of golf with traditional fitness exercises – fitness golf.

How fitness golf works

Fitness golf is a training package that consists of two basic parts:

  • virtual golf simulator
  • fitness machine that replaces movement around the course

The combination of the two components thus creates a unique package that can replace normal golf training, at least through the simulation of all the movement requirements usually associated with the game. The golf fitness course is in essence an extension of the golf simulator by adding an element of strengthening to the normal fitness exercises that are increasingly gaining in popularity.

Fitness golf training equipment

As a fitness golf training user, you need basically nothing but sportswear. All equipment is available in the exercise kit, i.e. a type of weight machine and a golf simulator with real balls and golf clubs – but if you want to practice your swings as well, it is a good idea to bring your own set of golf clubs.

Fitness golf options

Fitness golf is based on a simulator setup that is not programmed to allow three basic game modes:

  • fitness golf – i.e., a combination of fitness exercises and teeing off on the simulator
  • golf only – using only the simulator
  • fitness only – allowing only the implementation of fitness exercises, i.e., running or walking or riding a treadmill, with the advantage of being able to choose the virtual environment you traverse during the ride

The simulation of the environment is the added value of fitness golf, whichever mode you choose. The game environment is based on real golf courses, and the programmed simulation allows you to not only beat those courses with your swings, but also overcome them with fitness machines.

Both the display unit, the swing sensor and the motion equipment are interconnected and in coordination, giving the impression that you are moving freely around the course. You can choose different conditions for play – besides the course itself, you can also choose the weather or the direction and strength of the wind.

In addition, the simulator works like a regular computer game, so it is possible to stop training at any point, save the set position under your own name and then continue where you left off, but also participate in simulated tournaments.

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