How does Golfplan golf insurance work?

Golf is a beautiful and enjoyable sporting activity with very specific demands on the player's skills and abilities, which are not primarily oriented towards physical performance, but towards overall body coordination and strategic thinking.

An important aspect of regular participation in this sport is quality equipment, which requires a relatively high initial investment. Although golf is a relatively safe sport, you may encounter unexpected events (even off the course) that could become significantly more expensive, so it is a good idea to have professional insurance.

One of the leading providers in this industry is GOLFPLAN Insurence, Ltd. offering a variant flexible golf insurance product for differently demanding clients.

Golf Insurance from GOLFPLAN Insurence, Ltd.

Golfplan's golf insurance is content to cover all possible events that may occur while golfing. Payments are made once a year in three categories of difficulty – Bogey, Par and Birdie differing mainly in the amount of benefits in case of injury and the return of unused starting fee. The program is divided into two basic components:

  • Golfer+Game – basic insurance covering mainly costs related to health problems or damage to property (material liability)
  • Hole – extended equipment insurance

The annual charges for the individual programs in given categories are the result of a combination of the types selected at each level. The basic insurance cannot be purchased separately, it is always linked to the equipment add-on insurance in one of the variants.

In the cheapest variant, the annual fees are CZK 2,500 for basic wheelchair insurance ( CZK 1,100 basic insurance and CZK 1,400 add-on insurance). In the highest variant, the annual fee can reach a maximum of 3900 CZK.

In addition to these options, there is also a special Eagle program for professional players. The terms and conditions of this insurance are individualized and can only be arranged after a personal consultation with a company agent.

The company also offers a special insurance program for families with children, which can provide up to a 20% discount for each additional insured member.

Arranging and paying premiums

Insurance is preferably arranged online, but it is also possible to take out insurance at a branch based in Prague. When arranging insurance, simply select the appropriate option and fill in the relevant details (including golf registration) and submit your order.

All documentation including further instructions will be delivered to your email, Insurance is always arranged for one year with possibility of regular renewal. Payment is made immediately when you place your order, via online payment tools (bank transfer, credit card or PayPal).

The insurance is valid from the day after the order is sent (if the payment is made on time). Its great advantage is its breadth of coverage, which is not limited to the territory of the Czech Republic, but pays worldwide. In the event of a claim, it takes a standard 7 days to resolve and close the claim, including payment of the claim, after it has been reported and the necessary documents have been provided.

Video from GolfPlan

What the insurance covers

The different components of the insurance can be divided into several sub-categories with regard to whether it is basic insurance or equipment add-on insurance. The following claims are covered in the basic insurance:

  • Liability for damage to the health or property of another person (up to 60 000 000 CZK as standard)
  • Accidents and hospitalisation – accident insurance covers the cost of treatment, including dental treatment and hospital stays
  • Payment Refunds – covers membership fees and entry fees in the event that it is not possible to participate in the sport due to injury
  • Hole-in-One – benefit contribution to celebrate if you manage to get the ball in the hole in one stroke while playing with a limited upper limit (contribution can be up to £6,000)

Mandatory equipment insurance then covers the following events:

  • Reimbursement of the cost or a pro rata part thereof (depending on age) of equipment in the event of theft or damage, as well as personal belongings that are proven to have been stolen or damaged while playing golf
  • Deductible for damage to a teammate's equipment
  • Equipment rental costs in the event of loss or delayed delivery while traveling to a course in foreign countries

Benefits and cooperation

Golfplan's insurance includes additional benefits that can be enjoyed as part of Premium Club membership. These include a package of discounts with partners in the golf industry (for example, discounts on clothing, equipment, coaches, etc.).

At the same time, it is also possible to engage in any of the types of cooperation as a sales representative or member of an affiliate program and participate in the promotion and acquisition of additional insurance clients. Other benefits or corresponding remuneration will result from the cooperation.

Company History and Media

GOLFPLAN Insurence, s.r.o. is associated with the originally British company AXA XL has been offering and providing its services to golf lovers in the Czech Republic for more than 7 years and during its operation has a growing number of satisfied clients, not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Europe. With representation in virtually all EU countries, more than 4 million Europeans use golf insurance.

The range of golf insurance, its guarantees and fast performance are the reasons why a significant part of the golfing public chooses this product.

Its advantages and client-friendliness have also been highlighted by the leading media – information can be found in the archives of sports TV (CT Sport, Nova Sport), websites (SPORT.CZ) or directly in media focused on golf (GolfDigest, Golf Channel).

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