REVIEW of e-shop – experience, purchase and assortment for players

Are you looking for golf but don't know where to get the best? Then don't hesitate to read this editorial review featuring our shopping experience at that particular e-shop.

About the store

Shortly after the first brick-and-mortar store was opened, the e-shop was launched, promising a convenient shopping experience. 
It offers the best from global brands in all categories. From quality footwear to clothing including caps or even a bag, trolley or ball. Moreover, your purchase will be facilitated by the knowledgeable staff, who undergo regular training to ensure that every customer is fully assisted and willing to  provide all services.

Golf Simulator

To make sure you're not buying a rabbit in the bag, you can also try out the golf simulator in the store. As technology continues to evolve, a simulator seems an absolute necessity. 

How does the simulator work?

A golf simulator evaluates your overall swing, based on which it selects the right golf club for you. So if you're looking for the right weight, length, grip and more, then be sure to give the golf simulator a try. 
You can even play on 83 courses worldwide! And that's a huge advantage, especially if the weather doesn't allow you to play on the green. As a bonus, you can have a cup of coffee with friends while you play. And all in the shop!

The simulator is equipped with E6GOLF software and also offers: 

  • 8 players on the field
  • 36 game styles  (texas scramble, stableford, skin, and more)
  • Handicap account
  • Power boost option
  • Height adjustable levels
  • Green setting function
  • Wind conditions setting function


E-shop collaborates with globally known brands such as HUGO BOSS, Ralph Lauren, EMPORIO ARMANI, Calvin Klein, J. Lindeberg and many more.

For golf clubs, bags and accessories, customers can look forward to brands such as TITLEIST, MIZUNO, PING, TaylorMade, CALLAWAY and more.

Golf clubs

You can buy different kinds of golf clubs here. From wooden ones to various hybrids or even complete irons. You can also buy a whole set of golf clubs, including a children's set!

Clothing and footwear

There's no shortage of clothing either. The e-shop also offers thermal underwear and clothing for your children as well. 


You can also purchase accessories such as bags, either carry-on or travel, a wide range of golf balls, gloves, towels, goggles or even GPS watches and rangefinders.

Putting mats

To train your speed and aim, you can purchase putt rugs in the e-store that are endorsed by Cameron McCormick himself.


If you are interested in certification, you will be pleased to know that the e-shop has the Blue Certificate in particular.

Blue Certificate “Verified by Heureka customers”

This kind of certificate is awarded to an e-shop on the basis of positive customer reviews. If the e-shop is flawless, then it receives the Verified by Customers certificate. A small disadvantage is that this certificate is not lifetime. So hopefully that won't be the case for this e-shop.

Gift Certificates 

E-shop offers gift certificates. They are worth CZK 1,000, CZK 3,000 and CZK 5,000.


The Callaway brand is not lagging behind and boasts a CPSIA certificate. This certification includes provisions that are mindful of the utmost safety concerns for infants and toddlers. 

Hugo Boss

Since 2012, Hugo Boss has boasted certified environmental and energy management to ensure products are made as environmentally friendly as possible. 


Ordering works in five basic steps:

  • Add the ordered product(s) to the cart
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Select the payment method of your order
  • Order recapitulation
  • Submit your order

Delivery method

Since this is a Slovak e-shop, your order will be delivered by GLS Europe courier service.

Payment options

You can then pay for your order in several ways:

  • in cash at the seller's premises at DIGITALGOLF, Einsteinova 19, Bratislava, 851 01 
  • in cash on delivery at the place specified by the buyer in the order
  • cashless transfer to the seller's account
  • cashless via the SOFORT and Paypal payment system
  • cashless by credit card

Final e-shop evaluation


Golf Simulator
Customers can try the latest club tips or make sure theirs suits them in every way. At the same time, if the weather is bad, they can just resort to the simulator and play golf with their friends without having to give up their favourite sport due to bad weather.

Service and advice
E-shop offers a complete service and advice from professional and expertly trained staff who are always ready to help.

If the goods do not suit you or have been damaged in any way, the e-shop offers a complaint within 14 days of purchase of the product. 

Page design
The e-shop itself looks very tasteful and simple. If someone is visiting the e-shop for the very first time, it is very easy to find their way around. All the product range is sorted into the given sections, where there are also labels that sort the product range a bit more. In case someone is looking for something more specific, the search bar is useful.

Communication of the e-shop
E-shop is based on a certain prestige, and on this basis, the communication, which is conducted with a very kind, friendly and professional approach to each customer.

Certification boasts the blue “Verified by customers” Heureka certificate, on the basis of which a potential customer can order the range without fear of certain risks.

You can translate the site into several different languages, from Czech to Slovak to, for example, German or English.


Since the e-shop prides itself on its precision and well-trained staff, it is hard to see the cons.

You can find more information and price lists HERE!