TOP 10 best golf wedges in USA

Golf clubs are manufactured in a highly variable design with the aim of achieving specific stroke characteristics. Their final design, whether in terms of material or head shape or other elements, significantly influences the character of the golf ball's trajectory. Different types of clubs are thus used for different types of golf game, which are assembled into a golf set according to the player's experience and strategy. Standard sets of woods and irons were used, supplemented by a putter, i.e. a club designed to move the ball around the hole (green).

The basic club types have been gradually supplemented with special solutions, including hybrid clubs forming transition clubs replacing several clubs of the standard set, in addition to golf wedges. When selecting a golf wedge for a golf set, several specific parameters related to the generic breakdown of these golf clubs must be taken into account.

What are golf wedges for

Golf wedges (short irons) are designed primarily for short accurate play and also for very high strokes to get the ball out of difficult obstacles – mostly either common sand barriers, high grass or obstacles of higher difficulty such as bunkers.

At least one type of wedge is included in every golf set (usually at least two), as these are the ideal clubs for hitting the ball less than 100m, i.e. those that get the ball from the fairway to the hole.

Wedges take approximately a quarter of the time in the entire game, so it is also very important not only to choose the right type and design, but also to regularly practice the swings that are made with them. There are three standard types of shots, namely:

  • swing
  • pitch
  • chip

Each of the listed wounds is performed with a different technique and usually a specific type of wedge is chosen for that type of wound.

A specific feature of the wedge is the shaping of the head, which is usually short with a high lob. The first wedges were developed as the number 10 iron club, the next step above the standard set.

Species of wedge golf clubs

Golf wedges come in four standard types, which differ primarily in size and head shaping. In this respect, they are distinguished by:

  • pitching wedge
  • sand wedge
  • gap wedge
  • lob wedge

Pitching wedge

This type of wedge is characterized by an increased loft of 44-49 degrees. Originally, the pitching wedge was referred to as a No. 10 iron, which is why it is also a common standard equipment in golf sets.

The club is designed for hitting the ball on the hole over obstacles or getting the ball out of bunkers with wet sand. The basic stroke with this wedge is called a pitch and it is a short game with extended range, or high drive.

Sand wedge

The other classic club is the wedge designed for sand, the sand wedge. This club uses the same techniques as the pitching wedge (pitch type shot), but its increased loft (54-56 degrees) and bottom camber (bounce) are used primarily in sand obstacles and bunkers when the sand is slightly wet or dry (loose).

It is not suitable for short game from fairways or sparse grass, or from places with harder surfaces, as it will not allow you to direct the ball to the sweetspot. Together with a pitching wedge, it is one of the basic equipment of a golf set.

Gap wedge

Gap wedge, or also utility, atack or approach wedge, is a head shape intermediate between pitching wedge and sand wedge, its loft usually reaches 50-53 degrees. It is a club designed for chipping and also for pitching, it allows very short flat strokes.

It finds its application on medium short distance holes, when a more accurate swing is needed with movement of the ball along the hole. It is not standard in golf sets.

Lob wedge

The Lob Wedge is the club with the shortest head length and highest loft (58-64 degrees) designed for very high swings with rotation and shortest loft on the hole. It is ideal for hitting from bunkers.

Golf wedges as part of sets

A golf set used in a single game is limited to 14 clubs, so it usually does not include all the wedges available to the player. The standard set includes a pitching wedge and a dand wedge, the gap wedge or lob wedge is mainly used by professionals and players with a very low handicap for a very accurate game.

How to choose the right golf wedge

The choice of a particular wedge depends primarily on the golfer's ability and intended playing technique. Beginners usually work exclusively with pitching wedges and sand wedges, while advanced players also use other types.

The specifics that play a role in the selection of clubs in the different categories are also related to the experience of the golfer, the specific loft and bounce wedge is decisive, in addition to the material and design of the head and shaft – beginners should choose rather smaller lofts (within the categories – that is why the loft solution is also in the range of several degrees for all types, and not strictly given).

Bounce depends on the technique of the game and can be small, medium or large. It is usual to always start with a universal medium bounce.

Wedge selection also depends on how many clubs you plan to have in your set. For beginners or recreational players, it is advisable to get only one type at first for practice or amateur play, which is used for very short game and hitting off more difficult obstacles.

For this purpose, a sand wedge with high loft and medium bump is ideal, which can be played especially with a high tee shot from dry sand in a bunker. This can be gradually supplemented with a pitching wedge, which can be replaced in the beginning with a No. 9 iron on which players can practice their swing technique.

Wedge is produced in various designs, especially in terms of material and design of the grip, shaft and head. In addition to the basic curve, the head can also be fitted with other features to help control the swing or smooth out its design to make it easier to achieve a specific stroke force, and in different design options to define its size.

Similarly, in addition to the material, the diameter and weight of the shaft or the grip design also affect the playing characteristics. Wedges are a standard business item of companies involved in the production of all types of golf clubs, but there are also entities focusing specifically on this type of equipment, which define the latest technological processes and advanced solutions of important components.

The largest manufacturers include:

  • Wilson
  • Callaway
  • Titleist
  • TaylorMade
  • Cleveland

The price of golf wedges generally matches that of conventional clubs. Depending on the quality, materials used and advanced features, it can range from approximately 1 000 – 10 000 CZK.

Parameter table for golf wedges

Feature Usual Parameters
Wedge type pitching/sand/gap/lob
User Category male/female/kids/unisex
Player Dominance right/left
Shaft Material steel/relief material
Shaft length by hole type
Shaft diameter and weight small/larger
Head material chrome/steel/other
Loft (within category) low/medium/high
Bounce small/medium/large
Special head design slotted/non-slotted/smoothed
Head size and design made by manufacturer

The most popular types of golf wedges according to consumers

Consumers usually choose golf wedges based on their own preferences, experience and handicap type. When making a choice, it is a good idea to primarily focus not only on price, but also on the design and type of club.

If you are a beginner or play golf mostly sporadically, equip yourself first with a sand wedge with high loft, which you can later supplement with a pitching wedge or other types. For a comfortable game, it's a good idea to look directly at the basic breakdown by player category – women's wedges, for example, may have a lightened graphite shaft unlike men's wedges, which allows for a more accurate swing with less swing demand.

Here are the 10 most popular golf wedges among mainstream consumers.

Wilson Harmonized Chrome Wedge – Review

The Harmonized Chrome sand wedge from Wilson in classic black is ideal for all categories of players and fits as the only universal wedge for golf sets designed for high play from bunker but also from fairway.

The head design has a specific sharp character, high shaft and medium bounce. The solid steel shaft is equipped with a grip in non-slip finish, which allows above all comfortable handling. It is designed primarily for male players.

Reasons to get the Wilson Harmonized Chrome Wedge

  • very comfortable wedge with optimal playing characteristics for beginners and recreational players
  • solid grip and stable hold
  • low price

Reasons not to get the Wilson Harmonized Chrome Wedge

  • short life span
  • less accurate play
  • not suitable for hard surfaces, must be complemented with irons as a standalone wedge

Callaway Sureout – Review

Lob wedge in design for left and right handed players Sure Out from Callaway is especially suitable for short game from sand. The wedge can also be purchased with lower loft in sand variant, but the lob variant is much more desirable among consumers, which can be chosen in several lofts.

The club head is fitted with grooves for better performance. Shaft is standard steel with comfortable grip.

Reasons to get the Callaway Sureout golf wedge

  • very accurate play from sand barriers
  • solid shaft with comfortable grip
  • optimized for different swing types
  • also available in sand wedge
  • affordable price

Reasons not to get the Callaway Sureout golf wedge

  • in a lob option not suitable for beginners or recreational golfers
  • especially for male players

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 – Review

The Mack Daddy 4 is a golf loft wedge from Callaway made for both right and left-handed players. The slightly higher price of the wedge is balanced by the quality and comfortable design.

The wedge is made in all-metal design, very strong and suitable for swings of higher power, it holds stability well and is easy to handle. The head has grooves with a special roughening texture for higher rotation and more precise swing control.

Reasons to get the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 golf wedge

  • highly accurate and short swing from challenging obstacles
  • high quality shaft design
  • option for right and left-handed players
  • medium bounce and low loft in the lob variant

Reasons not to get the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 golf wedge

  • especially suitable for more experienced players with good swing technique
  • designed primarily for male players
  • higher price

Titleist SM7 – review

The SM7 golf wedge, manufactured by Titleist, offers a wide range of shaft and head designs in a variety of loft values (in pitching, sand and lob variants) and in all three types of bounce, making it possible to choose the ideal club for your particular playing technique.

The foot is fitted with grooves that are always designed in accordance with the specific head shape. The grooves allow very precise regulation of the ball's rotation. The Shaft Wedge is optimally strong made of steel, the head can be either chrome or steel. Wedges are manufactured in right-handed design.

Reasons to get the Titleist SM7 golf wedge

  • high quality head with progressive design for precise ball spin control
  • wide range of head shapes in pitching, sand and lob options
  • stable and solid shaft, comfortable grip
  • suitable for differently experienced players

Reasons not to get the Titleist SM7 golf wedge

  • designed primarily for men, right-handed players
  • right-handed design
  • high price

TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge – review

TaylorMade's Milled Grind golf wedges are suitable for intermediate to advanced players. The club can be purchased in two basic variations, namely as a low sand wedge or a low lob wedge. The wedge features a stable steel shaft and a very precise design of the foot and head.

Reasons to get the TaylorMade Milled Grind golf wedge

  • A quality wedge for accurate swings from obstacles and bunkers
  • sand and lob option
  • stable shaft, ideal for advanced players

Reasons not to get the TaylorMade Milled Grind golf wedge

  • Designed for male golfers
  • high price

Cleveland RTX-3 – Review

The RTX-3 golf wedge from Cleveland in classic design is an ideal lob wedge for intermediate players, especially for practicing short and high swings with spin.

The Wedge can be purchased in right- and left-handed versions, in medium and low bounce and in different values of side deflection. The shaft made of solid steel predestines the Wedge primarily for male players.

Reasons to buy the Cleveland RTX-3 golf wedge

  • stable and solid shaft
  • right and left-handed option
  • multiple head shaping options
  • suitable for intermediate players
  • lower price

Reasons not to get the Cleveland RTX-3 golf wedge

  • lower swing accuracy
  • deteriorated spin control

Vokey SM6 wedge – review

The versatile Vokey SM6 golf sand wedge from Titleist is available in a left-handed version with a solid steel shaft particularly suitable for male players.

The single loft can be completed with all three categories of bounce, making the club usable for a variety of surfaces. The wedge shaft is equipped with special grooves allowing precise control of ball rotation, optimal for full swing and short game on the hole.

Reasons to buy the Titleist Vokey SM6 golf wedge

  • high quality and precision construction
  • highly accurate swing and spin control thanks to the grooves in the sole
  • stable steel shaft and comfortable grip

Reasons not to get the Titleist Vokey SM6 golf wedge

  • designed primarily for advanced male players, left-handed
  • higher price

Cleveland RTX-4 Satin – Review

Cleveland's RTX-4 Satin line of golf wedges offers a wide variety of lofts in pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob.

The club head features precision grooves allowing for very accurate shots with controlled rotation. According to the loft design, the wedge can be used on different types of surfaces, it is necessary to orientate to the specific type. Wedges are designed for right-handed players only.

Reasons to buy the Cleveland RTX-4 Satin golf wedge

  • relative quality wedge in a wide range of application options
  • precision laser grooving for precise rotation
  • stable and solid shaft

Reasons not to get the Cleveland RTX-4 Satin golf wedge

  • right-handed only
  • higher price

Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome putter – review

The Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome golf wedge from Titleist is preferably designed for male players with right-handed dominance who play golf at an advanced to professional level.

The wedge can be purchased in a lob or pitching wedge option. It is used as a versatile wedge with a comfortable larger head (foot) design, with a low bouncer for hitting from different types of surfaces with increased rotation and grooves to shorten the distance.

Reasons to get the Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome golf wedge

  • A versatile wedge for all surfaces
  • high quality construction and stability
  • head design for variable strokes
  • smoothing grooves to regulate travel

Reasons not to get the Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome golf wedge

  • suitable for advanced male players only, right-handed
  • high price

TaylorMade Wedge Milled Grind HI-TOE – Review

TaylorMade's Milled Grind HI-TOE right-handed wedge is a very high quality product, manufactured in a steel finish as standard with the option of a graphite shaft as well.

The larger wedge head design allows for more accurate ball targeting, especially suited for hitting from hard obstacles and bunkers. Thanks to its variable design, it is suitable for both men and women and is mainly used by recreational players as a universal wedge.

Reasons to get the TaylorMade Milled Grind HI-TOE golf wedge

  • comfortable handling
  • high quality and stable design
  • variable shaft clearance – suitable for both male and female players

Reasons not to get the TaylorMade golf wedge Milled Grind HI-TOE

  • Designed exclusively for right-handed players
  • especially suitable for recreational players
  • higher price

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