About us

We are golf enthusiasts who have been playing golf for years and can't get enough of it. Even on Czech or foreign courses and tournaments. But we missed a modern portal about golf, which we can read comfortably on our phones or tablets and that is why the old Ogolfu.cz server has been revived.

We are a portal for beginners and professional golfers

You can look forward to golfing tips (for beginners and more experienced players), a list of current golf courses, an elaborate glossary (in which even an amateur won't get lost) and much more!

If you're new to golf, you'll enjoy our soon-to-be-prepared Golf Rules and Ethics section – there you won't miss the basic and clearly presented rules of conduct on the course and towards other golfers (and female golfers = golf is for everyone).

An important part of the oGolf.cz website is also a regularly updated list (and reviews) of verified e-shops focused on golf equipment. Here you can quickly and easily buy new equipment for even more fun and more precise golf, as well as access to various golf tournaments or entries to selected golf courses.

There will also be shopping guides to help you choose golf equipment through comparative reviews of all the products that are good to have on the golf course.

Our View of Golf

If you want to start playing golf, you certainly don't have to be rich, nor is your age a limitation. In our sport, neither money nor gender plays a role – what matters is each player's drive to improve and have fun. If you want to play golf, it's ideal to put all preconceptions behind you (as we did years ago) and start fully exploring this traditional, yet still fun and modern game. You don't have to try to play to get into tournaments – most players play golf recreationally, with no desire to compete and purely for their own enjoyment.